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PRINT: One of the perks of a press pass to a festival is the welcome bag you get upon arrival. This past year at the 2016 TCMFF there was the usual tote filled with a variety of fun stuff, really it was the best one they’ve had in years. And what made it especially good was the presence of the latest TCM publication, The Essentials: 52 Must-See Movies and Why They Matter. It’s a beautiful book I would have been happy to buy for my self, so how cool was it that TCM just gave one to every press person. So cool! (More...)

TV: Hey, all you classic film fans who depend on TV for your old movie fix, good news!  You now have more options for commercial free viewing in Southern California.  KCET (the nation’s largest independent public television station) has begun a new classic movie series called KCET MUST SEE MOVIES.  The weekly presentation provides a destination for viewers of all ages to watch legendary stars in timeless movies from Hollywood’s most iconic filmmakers. (More...)

THEATERS: The New Beverly is an independent theater in Hollywood known for really yummy popcorn, showing movies on 35mm film stock, and its owner Quentin Tarantino.  And now it has an eye popping, impressive new website.  I mean the theater’s new online presence rivals that of TCM, making it much easier to see what’s playing when.  Maybe it sounds silly that I’m so excited about a website for a movie theater, but check it out yourself and you’ll see what I mean. (More...)

DVD: Big news for Criterion Collection fans: the company known for its creme de la creme restoration releases is putting out more titles this September, and the selection list is pretty impressive. From cult classic guilty pleasures to high tone productions studied the world wide, Criterion has something to offer everyone. And in most cases you’ll be able to chose between Blu-Ray or DVD, and in some cases be able to get both in the same package. The price is not necessarily cheap, but if it’s Criterion, it’s worth it. (More...)

ONLINE: FlixWise is the brainchild of Pauline “Lady P” Lampert, a graduate of the San Francisco State University Film Program.  She decided to keep in touch with her film snob roots by watching all 250 movies on the Sight and Sound Critics Poll of the Greatest Films of All Time and then podcast about them.  Her varied guest commentators include critics, reviewers, pop-culture figures, artist and professors.  Even ClassicFilmFan has recorded a few episodes, and longs for a return invite to do more. (More...)



Do you like funny movies? Then the TCM sponsored

online course, Ouch: A Salute to Slapstick is for you.

And the 2017 TCMFF with its theme of Comedy is a

must destination. With a prep course in the oft mis-

understood genre of Slapstick, TCM is betting the

broad theme will please the masses come next April. More...

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1939 REVIEW: George Sanders is best remembered for his sophisticated villains  and scoundrels.  He also played the charming rogue hero, Simon Templar in the popular serial, The Saint, the first of which, The Saint Strikes Back premiered in 1939. (More...)

REVIEWS: The Pirate is a 1948 musical romantic comedy starring Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, and Walter Slezak, and was directed by Vincente Minnelli (who was married to Judy Garland at the time). The combination of talent bursts from every frame of the film. (More...)

MUST SEE LISTS: Not too long ago one of my students expressed gratitude for having seen Lilies of the FIeld in class. She wanted to know more about Black filmmakers/artists and their films, so I created for her what you might call an introductory list. (More...)

Print: The Essentials: 52 Must-See Movies

TV: KCET: Must See Movies! 

Theater: The New Beverly Cinema

DVD: The Criterion Collection adds Titles


FAMILY CLASSICS: The story of a boy and his dog is timeless.  It’s one that can be told in any part of the world.  In The Runaway a lonesome boy lives on the streets while searching for his father in Mexico.  The boy is one step ahead of the law, with a runty little greyhound pup by his side.  The two runaways meet up with a priest who decides to help the boy with his troubles, gets him a place to stay, helps train the racing dog, and searches for the father.  The 1961 production of this tender family friendly film is captivating due to its ultra-low budget, simple presentation and the performances of its fine cast, which includes the beloved Cesar Romero.  (More)

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The Great Race is a broad comedy with plenty of Slapstick elements and an all-star cast.


It Happened One Night was the first Comedy to win the Oscar for Best Picture.