Classic Movies on TV



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Although TV is not the ideal format for presenting cinema, it’s simply impossible to view all the films you’d ever like to watch in a movie theater.  There just isn’t enough time to organize the logistics that would workout in an accessible manner - the prints, the projectors, the storing, etc.  However, with the options available today, why not take advantage of what your television has to offer in your own home?  With so many channels popping up every day (TCM, FXM, getTV, AMC, etc.) there’s really no excuse for not being able to access just about every thing you’d ever want to see - and then some!  Try this - the next time your favorite channel is showing a film you’ve seen a million times, pop over to one of the other ones to see what they have to offer.  I’ve discovered some great films that way.  They’re out there just waiting to be seen.

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