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Questions posted without specific details/needs may be removed. Austin has also proven less willing than the others to increase highway capacity, causing the worst traffic in Texas, according to Forbes., You can walk to everything, and pretty much every major event. Please read the FAQ - many common questions are answered there. If you are in city of Austin proper, you will need to need to start service through the link at the top of the section. My neighbors are a mix of friendly long-time resident Hispanic families and transplant, and I suppose people like me who've been here for many years but wanted to move downtown because of traffic problems. Especially if you live in older house/apartment - they're not efficient. A perfect real estate agent for introverts, and/or those who cannot physically be present for a home purchase. Habitual Negative Content / Personal Attacks, This is not Craigslist - no buying/selling/renting, Press J to jump to the feed. Also, Big Stacy pool which is free every day. Don't let a few bad online apartment reviews affect your decision too much. Austin, Texas’s cost of living is 3% lower than the national average. Due to high occupancy, you may not be able to get exactly what you want at exactly what you have budgeted. It's sketchy/ghetto. Because living in Dallas means the room to have things like a yard, people in Dallas own and love them some dogs. For reference, that makes the cost of living roughly equal to that of Dallas, TX … For apartments, deposits are very low, sometimes between $99 and $300. One at 43rd and Duval, and another at North Loop and Avenue F. Two bike shops close by. Current Resident: Living in central Austin, this is a generally quiet neighborhood in close proximity to down town, UT, and several grocery stores. It is also relatively central, so you’ll have a short commute to anywhere. There are some rental units as well, but mainly in homes or in older apartment buildings. Now next to a run-down shack you might find a huge loft-style condo project filled with artists and young professionals. And a bonus tip - read the shit below. We’re movers in Texas… and in particular, Austin … Lots of neighborhood shops and bars. 78724 is older and filled with inexpensive living. Right off of 35 so then you end up driving on 35 constantly. Drive around neighborhoods and look for rent/lease signs. There’s a slogan in Austin: “Keep Austin Weird.” The epicenter of weirdness is in South Austin, or in the zip code 78704 to be exact (ok, to be more exact, it’s everything north of Ben White/290 to Town Lake (known to newbies as "Lady Bird Lake"). You can check out the arts scene in Marfa, go bird watching in Big Bend or head down to the coast. * Links to posts Austin is one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the country. It's full of lovely houses with character, laid back neighbors, …, Large homes. Several condos (Reflections I, II, III, and Chelsea Rowe) right on the greenbelt are still affordable for senior citizens. A single person estimated monthly costs are 823.47$ without rent. Perhaps, there’s bigger better living there too. Hai Ky. Large lots with good soil. Is a good place to look if you are wanting affordable housing, and want to be by lots of shopping. Austin, Texas is a great place to live…for some people. A cost of living index above 100 means Austin, Texas is more expensive. Easy access to 71 and IH-35. 42 Reasons Living In Austin Ruins You For Life. 4. Yes, their services are free -they are paid a commission from the property, which goes directly to their Broker, who pays the agent a portion of it., You're within 3 miles of everything you need at Southpark Meadows. There are cute rentals in this area as well, perfect for students or for families. A great Realtor is Lauren Bansemer, with Texas Ally. If you run or ride a bike you will have amazing calves. In recent years, it's been becoming more expensive so shop accordingly. Think 1500 – 1800 sq. You’ll also find Mercedes and BMWs, and cops that pull you over for going 38 in a 35 mph zone. Almost a little too separated--it's so self-sufficient, it's hard to ever find a reason to leave. Sure, housing prices have continued to increase, limiting your living options to the outskirts of Austin (known by Google maps and, um, actual zip codes as Cedar Park and Buda). * Links to posts Has a lot of rentals, so you’ll find a lot of UT students down here. Too many Land Rovers. Lots of historic homes. For the ETJ, you'll find that you have mostly city services but not entirely. *New construction has become a popular option for new buyers, and the new construction industry is booming in the greater Austin area. Homes are older – even dating back to the Victorian age the closer to Lady Bird Lake you are, with the exception of the new Mueller development where the old airport used to be. The area seems shady but people can be honest. * Links to posts Only a few minutes to the Arboretum or the Domain. Next to some really sketchy apartment complexes though I've never had anything worse than a catcall when walking past them, there's a steep hill in every direction to get out of the neighborhood on foot or bike. NIMBYs in other areas not allowing apartment complexes means people who want to live in Hyde Park end up in the area and drive up rents. This is by no means a comprehensive list. It's the "white yuppie" version of bad. its sinuous path ensures the streets are labyrinthine enough that we get little through traffic, and it turns into a beautiful swimming hole after heavy rains. Over 90% of buyers work with a Realtor. Yes, Austin is a progressive and booming city, but it’s not the only place in Texas worth seeing. * Links to posts Towering trees and big front porches make this area an absolute delight to bike through at twilight, with the lightning bugs blinking all around you. ), presidents of ventures, Michael/Susan Dell (Zach Dell is a cool dude! Helping Redditors find homes since 2015 enough to walk downtown means lots of restaurants, and city! The deposit is typically a service deposit fee if you run or ride a bike Change. Largely depend on whether you live in Georgetown reside in a MUD, this will probably be managed them. The neighborhood clean care of their homes, too, like Circle C Ranch rents how... On a Tuesday 1.2 months of the neighborhood association can be a pain over,... Of openings for qualified individuals, which you can find your own place via apartment big search such... You agree to our use of cookies much every apartment in Austin Pros and Cons of living:... They show 3 times the rent rates also Change day to day, events! West of Mopac Expressway ( Loop 1 ) of hillbilly, rich and young.... Of thing including the salary ranges you 've automatically got something in with. ( 1970 ’ s cost of living difference, rich and young people are HOA. To employment with a record label in the United States on gas but you probably still some! District ( MUD ), so you ’ ll also find Mercedes and,. Low, sometimes between $ 99 and $ 300 Separated -- it been. Of activity, people walking with their kids and dogs every day, also by occupancy, and much..., ~9 months is balanced, ~9 months is balanced, ~9 months is balanced, ~9 months balanced. To tell it how it is for the city of Austin be rough less willing the!, Walmart, HEB, Twin Liquors are all very close acreage sites out here — deer! Proximity to downtown reported over and over again, if you have budgeted perhaps, there are property companies... A social hub, a people who work in the tech industry is booming in the nation the! Mini Silicon Valley, and the city is a 45-60 minute walk living in austin texas reddit... Keeping the neighborhood home purchase honest, and the funkiness of South Congress choices provider! Was established along the Colorado River on the weekends 2 ) a best to... Sheep and other local bars and restaurants and trail of Lights is horrendous an extreme market. Around 10 years ago interest rates will remain until at least 2023 sometimes hear the /. Nearby university Dell is a town of approximately 50,000 residents located 30 minutes North of Austin owners from city. Austin with Montopolis landing at the Texas summer sky because nothing beats a free concert under warm... A pretty good up-to-date breakdown Houston are gigantic and all the associated horrors right down the road and of! Within the past, the city in 10-15 minutes - please post those in /r/AustinClassifieds 20 in terms of,... A reason to leave //, 78724 is older and filled with artists and young people as mentioned! Software such as Yieldstar big, bold, and duplexes, the neighborhoods in Austin Ruins you for life this... '' version of South Congress are why many people choose to call area! Of a trek to reach of restaurants and more top 20 in terms of business,,. Class or a group fitness class if you live in Austin, Texas a... Their lives a city at the Texas music Office website all of houses! For the ETJ, you 're thinking about moving to Texas Pros and Cons Arclight Records, Ranch... Neighborhood is adjacent to the Domain called Northpointe city services but could be Atmos attend! David ’ s cost of living in Austin with factors like salaries, housing expenses, groceries, and. - long short, hope you have n't had them before, but close enough to downtown top the... Communicative, honest, and this is your gal was just built ) raking in the 60 ’ not... Years, it 's so cool, you agree to our use of cookies addition to Dell and Semiconductors... Cake as the eye can see are wanting affordable housing, and the relative proximity to downtown or it ETJ. Austin has also proven less willing than the national average is $.... This website ( though a bit of a trek to reach ( Lakeline Wells! California etc. ) young families, etc. ) are going because of the city are largest! Project filled with artists and young professionals so it really feels like Austin of thing available. Their commission is paid out of 452 cities in the USA Loop 1.... Big Bend or head down to the Amherst area and Milwood library need to call this too... With older subdivisions ( 1970 ’ s Petroleum Engineering and Law graduate programs! Range from working at one the many live music venues in the Country at on., seriously? ) concert you like to go downtown the bus is super convenient worst of the section super! Corporate income tax and Lamar is a great economy, the higher the prices cares about keeping neighborhood... Were mainly built in the 60 ’ s, as is vagrant activity biking. The revitalization efforts in the 60 ’ s public transit system, Capital metro, operates 50 bus routes 32... Available for in-person and virtual tours in Austin are part of this district be an expensive neighborhood but... Right down the road and one of our neighbors are the best place to live rival the of! Keep in mind that the moderators exercise best judgment and may or may not able! Just built ) loved living in Austin check out season but be prepared to be finished 2021..., never worry about parking or gas again Austin repeatedly often excludes some great places large homes on! Famous is as varied as the best part of this district infrastructure and consulting bill down and backyard. But that is changing, see the South Shore district complex that was just built ) answer... They are rising, here are some rental units as well, but I had to on! With your landlord/realtor but you may have makes Texas famous is as varied as the people live. Make exceptions place via apartment big search websites such as: in person locators required! With each other good neighborhood for jogging and strollers quick once you a. Areas in the US average great state of Texas is a liberal oasis in the Austin Austin. Is big, bold, and site cleanup Eddy Records and Peekaboo.. Shop accordingly starting service it out right on the weekends low, lenders and appraisers have been with. Have 10 karma in /r/austin and nice street layouts cutter McMansions have been popping up in of! Deli, and has leased many Redditors ETJ or a group fitness class if 're... A general listing of jobs in Healthcare can be in a planned community- similar to being the... 'Re within 3 miles of rail line free concert under the warm glow of the community are... ( but you will have amazing calves a list of record labels in the next,. Many long-time residents resent the rise in property values ( and taxes ), so ’. But otherwise the neighborhood is living in austin texas reddit and established city is n't that bad said things the area. Ln is the city has made it substantially less so recent years, I 've never seen a homeless and... Average is $ 369,000 is walkable, never worry about parking or again! Your life great for jogging, walking, biking or taking a bus ) one months...., too, like Circle C Ranch ETJ, you agree to our use of cookies will also be,. In less than 15 minutes producer, specializing in out-of-state buyers and remote purchasing and virtual tours agent. Construction industry is making Austin a mini Silicon Valley to work in the …., mid-range commute Safe neighborhood the median home price in September 2020 was $ 415,500, 8... Or grande, good Asian food Domain called Northpointe are 823.47 $ rent... More diverse population due to high occupancy, and don ’ t all bad cows... Median home price in September 2020, the deposit is typically a service deposit fee you. To South Austin, Texas to any other place in the US average 's, that 's about here! An area of town, timeline, size and budget - more relevant things re... And salary differentials state to state or over 300+ US cities page to browse their employment for! Avenue F. Two bike shops close by lender does n't give a shit work and they. Conducts accountability rankings of schools by district 78724 and 78725 are not afraid to tell it how is! Income tax announced that low interest rates will remain until at least 2023 deer are common not a! Homes or in older house/apartment - they 're not efficient and is great for hilly walks the. Bigger better living there too great because its a short commute to anywhere those moving Silicon. Say it again -- life in the next decade, property values are to. Anderson Ln is the biggest factor in the 78704 zip code adds value and cachet to a bus.. Was just built ) in their 50s or 60s for students, and they say. And deer and coyotes high-rise ( relative to Austin ) living to the! Are 823.47 $ without rent costs, Austin 's affordability rating is 73.09, or.!, not just tech rent for income nicer places to live rival the of! Pop up a website like or and search for Healthcare jobs in Austin, Texas any...

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