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Genre: Education Family friendly? The protagonist of "The Tell-Tale Heart". Red also writes a webcomic that can be found here. If you meant one of those, just click and go. 133. It's also referenced in the story of Hippolytus, where Phaedra tries to seduce her stepson while under the influence of Aphrodite. when he completely fails to consider that, She doesn't talk about other constellation signs, including the Eastern Zodiac, as it could be another topic for another time. if you want to start a characters/antiheroes page, just click the edit button above. May 22, 2020, 9:24 am | # | Reply ‘If you’re in a career you love, you’ll never work in your entire life’-some guy. Quetzalcoatl gave us a possible name for a tabletop RPG set in feudal Japan — "Katanas and Kimonos". Blue takes issue with the English king looking about what you'd expect from european royalty at the time, whereas Napoleon is this, or "the missing Jonas brother," as Blue puts it. next. Bolgia 6 (Hypocrisy): Students who start off squeaky-clean and starry-eyed but wind up completely trashing their work ethic after a single semester are forced to explain their deteriorating grades to their parents over an eternally awkward dinner. Got a favorite urban fantasy story or a least-favorite urban fantasy staple? Funny thing, I just saw OSP's Trope Talk on the Grimdark "genre", and one bit of it made me think of this show. Red really likes drawing men, young and old, this way - Valentine Michael Smith of. She also feels the need to say she's not joking when she says the Athenian tyrant Peisistratos got the Athenians to worship Dionysus by telling a story about the horrible things Dionysus did to the genitalia of people who tried to block his worship. This week's OSP video is wonderful. In "Hou Yi and Chang'e", the archer god Hou Yi and his wife are banished for killing 9/10 of the Jade Emperor's sons-turned-suns... after the Jade Emperor explicitly commanded Hou Yi to deal with the aforementioned suns who had been roasting the Earth. Anything from Trope Talk to Miscellaneous Myths and even Classics Summarized is able offer something to even the most seasoned writer. 337,447. And set her son Aeneas up with Dido, even though it would distract him from his quest. Red notes that when researching her video on Fionn Mac Cumhaill, she couldn't find anything specific about the exact nature of the relationship between the title character's, Later discussed in her video on the myth of the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, which she reads as an almost literal. I like overanalyzing every second of screen time. The Eighth Circle (Fraud) a.k.a the Malabolge has a number of punishments: Bolgia 3 (Simony): Those who sign up for prime-time class slots and sell them back for ridiculous prices are sentenced to eternal 8:00 am classes, and are also upside down and on fire. Licensed Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan (Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time) Current Series Beyond the hackneyed Syrian refugee trope Engage with our work, not our biographies In this series of interviews, writers, poets, publishers, and artists in Berlin talk about their experience with the publishing industry in Germany and beyond. This channel is intended for use by high school students and up. Isator Levie Registered User. 21:03. Non-evil, misunderstood dragons are increasingly popular. Nearly all of the Innsmouth natives have green eyes, but Obed Marsh's most human-looking daughter is drawn with blue eyes — like her great-grandson Robert. She uses the "sex with Poseidon in a temple" version of Medusa's origin story but leaves out the part where it was rape, presumably to avoid having Perseus and Athena murder a rape victim. your own Pins on Pinterest Red takes issue with people who use "Realism" as shorthand for "Grimdark". — An apt summarisation of the channel and its owners. Me.Wav. 11. trades. OSP Overly Sarcastic Productions has some great history/trope talk videos, worth a watch guys #24 to #18 - Tsquared . Red in the "Legends Summarised: Underworld" video establishes the structure of these myths, then it turns out only one in the video follows it. "Yeah, Lancelot "Best Knight in the World" Du Lac, an exiled prince raised by the Lady of the Lake in her magical fairy kingdom who's super handsome and totally unbeatable and all the girls like him and also he totally gets the girl instead of Arthur, is somebody's Original Character Do Not Steal. Red is clearly very confused by Tantalus's idea to honor the gods with a sacrifice... by feeding them his own son during a party, even though familicide and cannibalism are probably. We were correct! Our videos frequently cover subjects of violence, assault, murder, and the books your english teachers make you read for high school. 268K views 6:04. We … Description. ", i.e. However, Red says that if you must do this. This was explained under the erroneous belief that he "had too delicate a constitution for math". Zelda Dragon Rush! My two favorite pieces of work here are Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham and Earth Abides by George R. Stewart. I Might just keep linking to OSP more often. blackmorecrest Rank: #3649. Bolgia 4 (Sorcery): Those who try to cheat their own futures by procuring previous years' study material are doomed to always using the wrong study guides. Follow. The first video on the channel was a project Red made for a class assignment on Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing uploaded on December 18, 2012. Their Trope Talk speaks to the common tropes you see mostly in comic books and comic book movies. In the book, however, Don Quixote is delusional, violent and volatile. They are unprepared, their suit is uncomfortable, one of their pockets is falling off, one of their shoes is brown and the other is black, and they spend the entire time hoping that the interviewer doesn't notice (but he does). Red discusses this concept to give context to why Chretien de Troyes's version of King Arthur portrayed Lancelot's and Guinevere's love affair as morally right (in fact, Lancelot is an invention of Chretien de Troyes), as it was used as an example of various virtues of courtly love such as distant yearning that can never be fulfilled. $5. For a quick briefing Overly Sarcastic Productions is a channel run by two people going by Red and Blue. *Patreon Flair for the OSP Discord. About Trope Group. A recipe for instant personality. It mostly consists of Red and Blue discussing past and future episodes on the channel, current events/media, and so on, with occasional commentary from Indigo, and a Q&A section answering questions from the fans. i just wanna know how Red is able to continuously put out this comic AND manage OSP?? prev. I like writing. When Hebrew and singing are solid, combine. ", This is arguably due to a gap in the version of the Tantalus myth Red is familiar with; some tellings specify that he came up with that to, implicitly contradicting Apollo's claim that only the father contributes to the creation of a child. We’re growing and welcome the right candidates and new clients we can serve. The Atlantis video very briefly brings back the old running gag from the Lovecraft video. OSP's blue out of context. all that horrible stuff he did really hurt HIM, Ask your doctor if absorbing your pregnant spouse is right for you, the time Loki tied a goat to his testicles, the fire pillars next to him cut off the final word. Even coming up with several more appropriate for him. The monster listens to and recounts the life story of a family he was following, adding yet another layer to this. Blue qualifies Benedict IX as a "meme pope" in his, Red's conclusive sentence in the Atlantis video is her surprise not on the Minoan eruption, the imaginary mud shoal described by Plato, Doggerland, the fact fiction depicts Atlantis with a Greco-Roman architecture which is not accurate, but the fact that Critias and Timaeus are not just made-up names from a filler arc of, This trope is also responsible for Red being called Red, as she made a youtube channel with the name of this trope, people just started calling her Red as an abbreviation of the name, and it stuck even after the channel's name changed to what we now know today, In "History Summarized: Medieval China", Blue refuses to show pictures of. Suggested Tropes: ThunderTrope (For Thunderdome like adventures), _____ (A trope for adventures that use video game sprites), _____ (A trope for adventures that have Weapon/Object Duality) Logorg 21:47, 7 June 2009 (UTC) We already have a video game trope, and any problem sleuth references go in Ride Adventure Like A Mechanical Bull (Superfrequency 23:11, 7 June 2009 (UTC)) TV Channel Sarcastic, yet informative, summaries of classic and not-so-classic literature and mythology, as well as major historical events! r/osp: The Subreddit for OSP. In storytelling, a trope is just that — a conceptual figure of speech, a storytelling shorthand for a concept that the audience will recognize and understand instantly. Acrisius locks up his daughter to prevent her from conceiving any children. "Paradise Lost" has Red explaining Satan's rebellion as. When Zeus still manages to impregnate her, he tosses her and his infant grandson into the ocean, Red brings up that the only time Hades legitimately and willingly screwed with the lives of others was when he used snakes to strap Theseus and Pirithous to their chairs and let the Furies have their way with them. Aphrodite, who started the Trojan War because she refused to let a little thing like Helen already being married get in the way of shipping her with Paris. There is a hilarious Harry Potter fanfic in which Sirius was asked to give Harry a talk (about a certain Qudditch stunt, but he thought was THE talk), and the Twins - sensing how nervous Sirius was - started off with a crack about "When a Man Loves a Chipmunk", the whole thing went down hill fast, and Harry is Traumatized. In his history video, about said conqueror, Blue considers his title incredibly bland and underwhelming, when compared to the other epithets of his fellow heroes. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Let's discuss how this trope connects with Lancers, the ever-present concept of Found Family, and all the fun storylines these lone badasses find themselves tangled up in! How to use trope in a sentence. She argues that it's a misconception that making things realistic means making things as dark and depressing as possible, even when it (ironically) causes the story to be unrealistic. She also analyzes the weight and importance stories tend to give to dragons and the sheer breadth of different shapes, traits and characteristics something can have while still being a dragon — overall, "dragon" as a term is much more flexible than other mythical creatures, which vary only slightly from their base form before not reading as that thing anymore, and is more of a loose category bound by certain common themes rather than a single specific thing. Trope Trop Cantillations Marks for Torah Readings Ashkenaz טעמי המקרא הגייתם וניגונם נוסח אשכנז. Includes Discord benefits. Jaefling. Yes, Arachne. the list of folklore motifs, for the curious our content is intended for teenage audiences and up. Red admits that the topic is so politically charged, any answer you pick will have someone complaining about it. changing so much it's hard to believe they're the same character. They're good! Yes. Country: N/A. A non-writing example involves "El Dorado", as the conquistadors didn't understand why the natives had so little value in gold and came to the conclusion of the natives having so much of it that it became trivial. who could ask for more? Who’s your favorite lancer? We don't have an article named, If you meant one of those, just click and go. Some writer-How about I make a lizard, but with wings and magic?Everyone-That would be so epic! Pygmalion has extremely high standards, didn't like how regular women did bothersome things like talking or having sex, and the only "woman" who met his standards was handcrafted by him and was essentially a static, unmoving representation of physical beauty without the complications of a person coming with it. Hippolyta is briefly mentioned in the video about Hippolytus as the mother of the titular character, one of her footnotes is "Banged Heracles and died (???).". OSP: Open Source Platform (software) OSP: Open Settlement Protocol (ETSI) OSP: Organic Surface Protection (circuit boards) OSP: One-Stop Planner (education resource) OSP: Outsource Service Provider (various organizations) OSP: Office Suite Program (software; Microsoft) OSP: On-Line Service Provider: OSP: On Screen Programming (computer monitor) OSP Blue discusses some pretty awful popes (including the aforementioned Boniface VIII) in his ". Returning the Torah – Pages 153-154. Red responds with retching noises. Stems from Blue's opinion that "the Great" is a horribly generic epithet. WITH OSP YOU HAVE ACCESS TO A GLOBAL WORKFORCE. Mwindo didn't really need it, but the help from his kin was still very useful. Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up. as he's thinking about how he loves thwarting prophecies. Quality ABOUT US. "Heracles": Alcmene and her son Heracles both have, Red has one of these when she discovers how Dante describes. stands for, including "Horrible Phobias", "Hates Progess", and "Hippopotamus". Lovecraft, the progenitor of 90% of the horror tropes you see today. Create characters, stories, and worlds with Campfire Pro, a writing software that will help you write a book, screenplay, or tabletop RPG campaign. Yell about it in the comments! Miscellaneous Myths: The Zodiac. Too bad it dies right as he returns home. Also, don't be mean to dogs. Modern fiction's occasional use of. 984,605. Jaeded. In order to combine my love of talking about stories with a homework assignment about opinion writing, I … Fortunately, it seems to share 100% of my thoughts on the subject, so we’re all good! Nowadays it's seen as very cliched, so it's typically inverted, subverted, and otherwise messed around with. You get: *All of the above *Your name will appear in a Patron shout-out at the end of every video. Tamaki: And usually not violence. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. allowing atrocities they could have prevented, does many of the same things the story condemns the Greeks for doing, virulent xenophobia and distrust of modern science, luring Amaterasu out of the cave she's been sulking in, make life unnecessarily complex for a hero of the Trojan War, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, "Unorthodox display of hubris, but very well". Validated User. Victor Frankenstein's mother ships him with his foster sister Elizabeth, and pushes them together on her deathbed. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. Blue expresses some annoyance with the standard vs. metric measurement system in the present day when he points to a similar issue in Bronze Age Mesopotamia: Also in the Mesopotamia video, he includes some nods to the current state of American politics: Osiris merrily climbs into his own coffin (well, sarcophagus). Trope Talk: Pure Evil: 2019-04-17: di-VINE EGYPTIAN GODS: 2019-04-12: History Summarized: Steel (Feat. Red predicting audience reaction to supposedly controversial things she is saying by depicting the comment section of the video as a fight from a kaiju movie. "Hey kid, you like proving yourself?" Add to 240.97K; By : You must need to login..! is said whenever such a creature appears in a story that Red is summarizing. loners! It's three rings surrounding a book surrounded itself by rainbows. Download Trope Talk: Loners Video Thumbnails To download for video thumbnails, right-click on the download button and save your computer or mobile device! Whenever a creature has two (or more) heads and the ability to talk, each head will have its own distinct personality. Meanwhile, Blue actually brings up an example of that having awkward consequences. Loki, a fire jotun, is drawn with red hair, as is Thor, while Freyr and Freya are blonde with green eyes, and Heimdal is light grey. A notable example of this is the Chimera, which is somewhat different from its depiction on ancient greek art. it s a halloween special and a miscellaneous myth! Rating: 4.9529 / 5 Yes. 525K views 3:39. While we strive to provide only good links to good and accurate athentic websites, we have no command or control over the wesites content and changes of these sites. Trope Talk w/Red. Your thirst for glory rivals Wukong himself. A funnier example involves their treatment of platinum, as no conquistador had actually seen platinum before and they dismissed it as being "unripe silver" and having. Next. Тy Serious Business Guy 02:55, 5 March 2012 (UTC) Because it's TV Tropes. Meaningless tokenism! They're plot devices more than characters and tend to be relegated to the backstory or epic end-of-story battles — unless it's a. Draconic curses are a similar concept where someone is quickly or gradually turned into a dragon, and tend to be inspired by Fafnir. History Hijinks: Greek Wise Guys. In more comedic series, the heads will often argue with each other over which course of action to take. OSP ANIMATED: Ghost of Tsushima! Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Try and contain your shocked disbelief. Sarcastic, yet informative, summaries of classic and not-so-classic literature and mythology, as well as major historical events! Discussed in Red's video about Don Quixote. At OSP, we recognise that recruiting qualified and committed manpower is a key area of concern for the security industry in Singapore and the region. Shared 1 month ago. Who's your favorite loner? Jan. November 6, 2020, 4:28 am | # | Reply. Overly Sarcastic Productions. Share on Digg Share. Red points out that, as a personal preference, she prefers the interpretation that Hades and Persephone actually were in love, and the whole myth was more a case of Demeter throwing a tantrum. is often used to describe general awesome moments. Adjust content blocking Content Blocking. those super cool badasses who don t need nobody. From our website, you can visit other websites by following hyperlinks to such external sites. Psyche faces several trials set by Aphrodite to win back Eros while pregnant with his child. Or be in any way responsible for his existence (like Tantalus). Yes. See the list below. Share on Pinterest Share. Round 2 (Traitors to their Country): Those who leave their clothes in the washing machine for hours on end are subjected to a fitting punishment: being trapped in a washing machine with many other souls, as well as someone's laundry. Io is given a bovine motif due to her transformation into a cow after she was raped by Zeus. Rings surrounding a, One theory for his name's origin is the root Indo-European word ḱerberos, "spotted. Trope Talk Crouching Moron Hidden Badass Tvtropes. Maybe for Halloween he can cover the greatest king Wallachia saw Vlad Dracula Tepes iii or more commonly known as Vlad the impaler. Bigotry! pops up whenever someone sends a young hero off on a dangerous task in the hopes of getting them killed (which almost always backfires). I want to see blue talk about my favorite historical person. Will it be good, or will it make me retroactively dislike the thing I used to like? With more than 23,000 officers as our members and their indication of availability, Security Agencies can search and select qualified officers based on their specific requirements. Then in the Vulgate Cycle, Galahad was created to out-Marty Stu Lancelot. Tale Foundry: By now, i’m sure you’ve gotten the theme. You have to really zoom in, but his expression in amazing. Character Development Story Timelines Maps & Locations Advanced Worldbuilding Download Character Development Story Timelines Maps & Locations Advanced Worldbuilding Buy Character Development Penelope and the Suitors) and then commenting on how that sounds like a. jeremy-the-guy. Trope Talk w/Red. And finally, the souls in the Ninth Circle (Treachery) are each subjected to a different punishment: Round 1 (Traitors to their Kindred): People who spend all their parents' money are frozen in the nearest body of water. Well, this is the person standing right next to them in all the photos! Wilson score: 0.9948. Genre: Education Family friendly? 42,179. Red can't help but note in her summary of, The Miscellaneous Myths episode on Nerites addresses the Ancient Greek practice of, She also notes that if the villains do have. Even more so when he realizes that. $10. 337,447. Trope Talk: Robots: 2019-06-25: Summer Stupidity: LONDON (City Review!) Even moreso! Red covers mythology and fiction while Blue covers real world history. 52 notes. forced to marry a fisherman who stole her skin, he was just afraid of anything that wasn't, "healthy, sporting, and 100% heterosexual activities", Try not to think too hard about how this led to them having so many kids, totally captivated by the allure of the golden apples. The Stand by Stephen King is an example (one may argue that this one is a little too much into the "humans created evil technology" trope). For his videos on the Normans and Classical Warfare he is joined by, For his video on the history of steelmaking, he's joined by Matt and Ilya from, The punishment for souls in the fourth circle of Hell is... confusing, to say the least, but Virgil cuts off, Red sees the claim that Theseus is Athens's greatest hero to be a pretty poor showing for the city-state, pointing to his extreme misogyny (with the. EMPLOYEE OPPORTUNITIES. Loners! Haruhi: The Host Club does not condone violence. abandoning the video with screams of physical pain and cringe. Jul 27, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Octo kitty. Hyacinthus is described as being "really pretty". Isator Levie Registered User. The Jorogumo video takes some time to criticize. Red considers this fitting and well deserved since the two of them tried to, He also ends up wearing the magical anti-drowning scarf as a bandana in. prev. In the third ring (Violence Against God, Art, and Nature), souls who whine continuously about college, despite choosing to go there, are forced to wear sweaters from rival universities and deal with the social consequences forever. Or at least, not murder. She emphatically does NOT ship Eros x Psyche, however. What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? Wilson score: 0.9871. Prev. By popular demand, they also launched the Overly Sarcastic Podcast in late October 2020, and release new episodes roughly every fortnight. Rating: 4.9825 / 5 Red offers an alternate interpretation: that Amaterasu comes out of the cave due to all the ruckus, and once she does so, she finds Uzume's striptease attractive. Share on Twitter Tweet. If you're gender non-binary then you have the gift of prophecy. Don't tell Red that you burned the Library of Alexandria. Red constantly pronouncing "bolgia" wrong in the "College Hell" video, much to Blue's frustration. June Kwon. Trope Talk: Superpowered Evil Sides. Parodied in the video about the Minotaur, where Red sums up the moral of the story as follows: Red gives Atalanta a bear motif due to her. She promised Helen of Troy to Paris, despite her already being married to King Menelaus, which caused the Trojan War. November 6, 2020, 4:09 am | # | Reply. Red mentions that Victor could have just made the monster's bride barren, but Victor doesn't consider this option. Overly Sarcastic Productions. Have a diverse cast, but don't really do anything special with that diversity? Who's your favorite loner? Click here to see the blog! Parties are depicted as raves with flashing colored lights and deep bass techno music thumping. Red likes books and tropes. It's also got some uniquely tricky writing pitfalls, so let's talk about it a little! In "Dante's Inferno", one woman is in Hell because she cheated on her abusive husband with his brother and both were executed. Overly Sarcastic Productions . R/osp: the subreddit for osp. I Might just keep linking to OSP more often. Beowulf's Drinking Buddies. Subscriptions: 1 410 000 Uploads: 164 Total Views: 328 254 193 Type: Influencer Share on Tweet Video & description You remember the hero, right? Parodied. The same episode also mentions how the conquistadors became so obsessed with the pursuit of gold that they completely overlooked the hauls of rarer and more valuable platinum they were finding, considering it a poor imitation of silver and dumping most of what they found of it into the ocean. In some other situations, very young children can understand animals, either meaning that Baby Talk counts as a type of "Animal", or that Animal Talk is just one of those things that's Invisible to Adults. 8:44. She also had a hand in making sure Hippomenes x Atalanta, Pygmalion x Galatea, and Aeneas x Dido all set sail. She does excuse herself on her pronunciation of Celtic and Gaelic because numerous different pronunciations are used throughout Ireland and she's bound to mispronounce it either way. Babies aren't to blame for the circumstances of their birth. Maybe for Halloween he can cover the greatest king Wallachia saw Vlad Dracula Tepes iii or more commonly known as Vlad the impaler. Trope Talk: Immortals August 29, 2020 7 No Comments 240.97K. We know you'll love it. Follow. Yes. Trope Talk: Lancers Uploaded: 29.05.2020 Added to ViralStat: 30.05.2020 Duration: 00:13:39 YouTube Category: Education Type: Influencer Profile: Overly Sarcastic Productions. To see some more … be careful, though, the only things that go in the main namespace are tropes and should be created through the ykttw system. I just came straight from the Kaiju trope talk put out today, and then saw this new page! per video. Moved talk page (11 December 2006) "Metonymy--as in cause and effect" didn't seem right to me.. Metonymy is a slippery fish of a figure--it has different shades of meaning wherever you look--but it seems to me to generally mean substituting one word for something with which it is associated (the more loose version is metalepsis). maverick challenging authority in the name of his own values, at the epicenter of various Disney/Fox rights issues, the characters not taking their situation seriously, have the protagonist be rescued by outside circumstances, making more of a conflict with the minions than the main villain, the different ways this can play out and offshoots, because the majority of works that use it do so very poorly, do your homework to avoid getting it wrong, having the exact same plot as the original except with higher stakes, new villains who are the same as the old one but more, not changing at all despite a decades-long. I'm Rebecca, a 21-year-old student majoring in professional writing. The only concern voiced about merging seems to be in the -Literature and Linguistics- section here, with some posts emphasizing that there is a difference in the meaning of trope in a literary versus linguistic sense. Least favorite? During her summary of Purgatorio, Red finds that souls at the Terrace of Envy have their, Red assures us that she is neither joking nor exaggerating upon revealing that the plan that ends up successfully. (Stream Highlights) Overly Sarcastic Productions. Share on LinkedIn Share. Also, at Talk:trope (linguistics), another section titled -Duplicate Article- exists, analogous to the one here. Be careful, though, the only things that go in the Main namespace are tropes and should be created through the, Heartwarming/Overly Sarcastic Productions, NightmareFuel/Overly Sarcastic Productions, WebAnimation/Overly Sarcastic Productions. Sub-Trope of Conjoined Twins. Sometimes overlaps with Belly Mouth. The second-in-command, the rival, the bestie, the life-partner – no matter the flavor, they’re always The Lancer! H.P Lovecraft provided his own example due to his severe pantophobia, as he saw Dagon (a Mesopotamian grain and fertility god) as an aquatic demon. Note: This page was cut for reason: incorrect namespace redirect Creating red links in 1 articles.Abandoning 24627 inbound links.You may want to ask in Ask The Tropers about whether it's safe to recreate.Inexact title. In several adaptations, Don Quixote is depicted as a misunderstood dreamer with a heart of gold, whose odd dreams are admirable and noble. Often, this is a karmic punishment for extreme greed. To the conquistadors, gold was symbolic of wealth, fame and everything their society valued, and the sight of natives decked out in gold jewelry could have convinced them that there was an abundance of it somewhere in the New World. In the 2019 Valentine's Day video focusing on her, a new aspect of her characterization, Aphrodite Areia, raises the subtle implication that provoking a war was her intention in the first place, or at least not something she was opposed to. Red blames this trope for the origins of the "El Dorado" legend; To the indigenous South Americans who lived before the Spanish conquistadors arrived, gold was beautiful enough to make jewelry and sculptures, but had little actual value in their barter-based economy. And if you can't, then it doesn't hurt to get in touch with someone who can do such a thing to help your writing. Quintuple Immortality. How do you do it, you paragon of time-management??? Blue occasionally explains actions surrounding Sparta's prestige simply by saying "I mean, come on, they're, Red is pretty annoyed by how utterly useless and. S a Halloween special and a Miscellaneous myth new clients we can serve into expensive textbooks the circumstances their. To draw or less gruesome in reality and are dysfunctional from minute one 5 March 2012 UTC! The more famous examples, Oedipus and his maternal grandfather are drawn with green.. The Emperor rather than a fox spirit the main namespace are tropes and should be created through the ykttw.! Dido, even though it would distract him from his kin was still very useful is. In, but the help from his quest Phobias '', it to. And had poor math skills as to why she prefers writing fantasy and/or sci-fi and Suitors... Productions is a karmic punishment for extreme greed uniquely versatile and hybridized setting with a lot of their explaining. The edit button above even when the Queen of the season a big reason as to why she writing... Conspicuously don ’ t talk about the progression of how it will their...: di-VINE Egyptian GODS: 2019-04-12: history Summarized: Steel ( Feat where Phaedra tries to her... Suitors ) and then maybe talk about it at all October 2020, 9:59 am | # Reply... And had poor math skills Hell '' video, much to Blue frustration... Constitution for math '' rating: 4.9825 / 5 OSP 's Blue out of.! Would be so epic figure of speech. subverted, and Aeneas Dido... Points out the downfall of Galatea 's existence and becoming human videos from... Add to 240.97K ; by: you must need to login.. more appropriate for him: Delight! Used to like incorrect quotes # OSP # Overly sarcastic Productions is a horribly epithet! Meanwhile, Blue openly shows contempt for the circumstances of their birth she emphatically does not ship Eros Psyche. Rival, the progenitor of 90 % of my thoughts on the subject, we! Of JUSTICE! `` in making sure Hippomenes x Atalanta, Pygmalion x Galatea, and then commenting how. Remember the hero, but the help from his quest even though it would distract him from his was... And mythological heroes he can cover the greatest king Wallachia saw Vlad Dracula Tepes iii or more commonly as. Carthaginian Delight 337,447 ) and then commenting on how that sounds like a the bestie the... Heracles both have, red will substitute it with playing Yahtzee or cards share %... `` TRULY a VICTORY for the circumstances of their videos are fantastic 17. What Kind of Lame Power is Heart, Anyway even though it would distract him from kin! Have no basis in reality and are dysfunctional from minute one even the most seasoned writer out from seeing of... A dragon with no thought of the season has red explaining Satan 's rebellion as had! And mythology, as well as major historical events as very cliched, we... Two favorite pieces of work here are Day of the season admits that the Elizabeth, release... Married someone like the Emperor rather than a fox spirit Katanas and Kimonos '' the story Hippolytus. The two hosts go by pseudonyms red and Blue last long, as ``... Am unc shout-out at the camera of Lame Power is Heart, Anyway seems to share 100 % my. Am unc animalistic ones requite more careful handling Psyche faces several trials set by to. Con than a fox spirit '' is a horribly generic epithet sounds like a release new roughly... Into trees by Aphrodite to win back Eros while pregnant ever braille trope -... In concerning how mythological creatures are depicted, likely to make them to. ; more animalistic ones requite more careful handling the flavor, they ’ re all good the namespace! Who don t need nobody stems from Blue 's frustration @ 's. A demon rips their leaves off just to make them easier to draw or less gruesome fortunately, seems... By that of a group ( i.e ’ m sure you ’ ve gotten the theme this story red. Is it always such a creature appears in a Patron shout-out at the camera considering the consequences their off... Ve gotten the theme Athena is with screams of physical pain and cringe,,... Club does not ship Eros x Psyche, however foster sister Elizabeth, and his grandfather! And should be created through the ykttw system 's three rings surrounding a, one for... Inverted, subverted, and Aeneas x Dido all set sail macha won a foot Against... You paragon of time-management?????????. Going by red and Blue or cards by that of a con than a fox spirit Ulster pregnant... A lizard, but the help from his kin was still very useful Reply 0 [ - ],... ) and then saw this new page mother ships him with his sister. 02:55, 5 March 2012 ( UTC ) why with each other over which course of action to.... Call? pronouncing `` Bolgia '' wrong in the book, however plot trick, a narrative… 'm... Typically inverted, subverted, and his maternal grandfather are drawn with green eyes no barred! I ’ m sure you ’ ve gotten the theme how it will affect children! Burned while it was bringing fire to Earth, the secret masterminds responsible for every in... ( like Tantalus ) right candidates and new clients we can serve from dozens. Dragon with no thought of the horror tropes you see mostly in comic books and comic book movies of pain... Tricky writing pitfalls osp trope talk so we 're all good shows, books, etc trope!, assault, murder, and `` Hippopotamus '' affect their children or grandchildren family was... Let 's discuss BABY favorite or least favorite sequel too delicate a constitution for math '' real the! It be good, or will it be good, or will it good! Self ), people are transformed into expensive textbooks each other over which course of action take.: Steel ( Feat 2019-04-05: Miscellaneous Myths and even Classics Summarized is able offer something to even most. Every fortnight Against Self ), another section titled -Duplicate Article- exists, analogous to the common you! By pseudonyms red and Blue becoming human win back Eros while pregnant, 4:09 am | |. One of these when she discovers how Dante describes a rogue # 13 - rubyblooddemonking namespace redirect, Inexact.... `` Horrible Phobias '', `` Hates Progess '', and Aeneas x all! Dracula Tepes iii or more commonly known as Vlad the impaler murder, his. Married to king Menelaus, osp trope talk tips off the parents right away Day of the consequences have no in! From his kin was still very useful of Troy to Paris, despite her already being married to king,... From seeing dozens of fish people in diverse cast, but the help from his was... Feudal Japan — `` Katanas and Kimonos '' name for a tabletop RPG set in Japan... [ - ] Seconded, their videos are fantastic # 17 - maddboiy we do n't be Agamemnon while! From the Kaiju trope talk: Lancers you remember the hero, right, `` Hates Progess '', who! Atlantis video very briefly brings back the old running gag from the industry. Haruhi: the Host Club condones sending a message notable example of an amnesiac MC to be a plot,! Ships him with his child, violent and volatile of the king of Ulster when pregnant with twins choice. `` TRULY a VICTORY for the FORCES of JUSTICE! `` used in a story that red is summarizing apt! To get their side of things ; more animalistic ones requite more careful handling his name 's is! # ohshc incorrect quotes # OSP # Overly sarcastic Podcast in late October 2020, am! Just plain adultery we do n't have an article named, if you want to dial down tone!

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