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For example, your yardage book could make use of dark green for the rough, white for out of bounds, orange for drop zones, blue for water hazards, and brown for sand traps. Programs like Photoshop or Sketch are design tools that professionals designers use every day, and their price is well worth it if you want to create something truly professional. PuttView’s technology and attention to detail results in the most accurate book allowable under the Rules of Golf. A yardage book is a valuable tool t. PGA Tour yardage books are guiding professionals to much success on many golf courses and I am positive that your game will improve when you create one for YOUR course! For example, golfers with shorter or longer driving distances may reference these numbers when deciding where to place the ball on the fairway or green. The book might tell you how far from the tee box to hole, but what golfers are looking for is yardages to multiple points on the fairway and the width and depth of the green. Since then they have been used by 7 of the Worlds Top Ten Golfers and by more than 20 event winners on the European Tour. automatically update as you move around the course. $3.00 coupon applied at checkout Save $3.00 with coupon (some sizes/colors) Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 10. Yardage books are vital for helping golfers understand the challenges a course presents, and how to play each hole. They range from $30-50 based on the course you’re looking for – and my Witch Hollow one runs $40. Hitting the ball on the proper line with the proper speed is a skill honed by experience and assumes the player can see the proper line. GolfLogix Green & Yardage Books. Dual view topographic slope presented in % for both (accurate to the millimeter). $65.00 Weekender Scorecard Holder. Every detail of “The Book” was designed to help you save a shot under the most critical tournament situations. You should be able to configure these settings when saving your file. These books contain information about distances, hazards, and green complexes for every hole on the golf course. Also, consider leaving space for the players to input their notes and comments for each hole. Any book or paper that contains such an image can be no larger than 4¼ inches by 7 inches – the current size of most yardage books. The PuttView book is in my estimation the best yardage and greens book on the market. In the vast majority of cases the book is dead on. • Declare a „safe“ zone on the green • Think about possible pin positions. Google has put a remarkable amount of work into developing high-quality satellite imagery, so you should be able to find a quality image of your golf course that isn’t grainy. … These books contain information about distances, hazards, and green complexes for every hole on the golf course. Rite in the Rain All Weather Golf Notebook, 3.5" x 6", Green Field Flex, Club Yardage Book & Hole Notes (No. It will tell the golfer where to put the ball from each tee box and how to plan each shot. We recommend using colors to represent the different areas usually found on a golf course. Fits perfectly inside a traditional yardage book cover. scorecard is provided at the center of the book. The Little Green Yardage Book gives the golfer a hole by hole guide. The icons you use should clearly illustrate what they represent and be consistent and uniform across the entire yardage book. Typically, yardage book offer a little bit more information than the average scorecard. Custom made books from over 14,000 courses precisely mapped with centimeter accuracy on the greens plus 3D yardage book fairway imagery. This YouTube video does an excellent job of demonstrating how to use Google Earth images in Photoshop. Big Teeth Golf Scorecard Holder Yardage Book Cover USA Pattern Golf Accessories Leather Fit for Most Back Pocket. Yardage books are a handbook used by golfers when playing a round. You’ll need images and diagrams to represent the many features typically found on a golf course including: With so many variables to represent visually, it’s critical that you make you use a clear set of distinguishable icons. PGA TOUR Caddie. Now that your yardage book is complete, it’s time to head to the print shop. They may have insights from past experiences, which could help you avoid mistakes. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The idea being that you always know how far you have to the hole or to clear certain things on the hole. What replaces these is a limit on the size. We have developed several different yardage and green reading book templates that you can immediately download to your computer. Golf Yardage Books and Golf Yardage Book Holders for Professional, Collegiate, Amateur, and Junior Golfers. The goal of this diagram is to give golfers a good idea of where to expect the ball to break, how far each putt will be and where to place the ball during the approach. The books were launched on the European Tour in 2015 at the Scottish Open and were used by the event winner Ricky Fowler. GolfLogix knows to score well you must putt well. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The rules-compliant Green Books combine detailed 3-D imagery, including yardages, with the sophisticated green-contour data that the majority of professional golfers use in competition. The green reading smartphone app from GolfLogix is used by over 5 million players around the world to help with their game management and now the company has … If you want your yardage book to look professional, don’t use PowerPoint or Word. Each hole page should get a diagram zoomed into the green. … Typically, yardage book offer a little bit more information than the average scorecard. Gimp and Canva are also excellent free options for design tools if you’re on a budget. Call Us Today! Relevant Information for the Yardage Book Part II • Green Map (with distance, slopes, etc.) We hope that after reading this are prepared to create your very own yardage book. ... players trying to determine the distance of a particular shot had little more to work with than the basic tee-to-green measurement and their own judgment. This is a great feature that is not available in a traditional paper yardage book. Include doglegs out of bounds and other hazards. $12.99 $ 12. $45.00 Navy Blue Yardage Book Cover and Scorecard Holder. 0; Account; Cart (0) Home. Fast Facts: $40 on or at selected golf courses More than 14,000 courses Once you know distances to critical points on the fairway and green, take a screenshot or mark the distance in your design mockup. Having a high-quality yardage book for sale (or as a complimentary perk) makes an immediate impression that your golf course is serious about the sport. The green reading smartphone app from GolfLogix is used by over 5 million players around the world to help with their game management and now the company has expanded by offering printed green and yardage books for more than 14,000 courses. The yardage book includes a diagram of each hole's overhead view. To make sure we only send you the content you want, please select the subjects you’re interested in from the menu above. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. Success! Other options New and used from $14.53. $100.00 Green Jacket Leather Scorecard Holder. Our Team at Precise Yardage Books offer our customers unparalleled experience in Professional and Amateur Golf. $17.99 $ 17. Creating a yardage book that is easy to understand and appealing to the eye is not a simple design task; there are many design principles at play.

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