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Multi-ported memory , VLIW architecture, Pipelining , Special Addressing modes in P- DSPs , On chip Peripherals, Computational accuracy in DSP processor, Von Neumann and Harvard Architecture, MAC UNIT 2 : ARCHITECTURE OF TMS320C5X (08) Architecture , Bus Structure & memory, CPU ,addressing modes , AL syntax. VLIW is a lot simpler than superscalar designs, but has not so far been com-mercially successful. In addition to most of the standard optimizations, our compiler is built around a software-pipelining scheduler which is an enhanced version of a previously described algorithm. Assume some background information from CSCE 430 or … Performance of the compiled code. • Establishing VelociTI Advanced VLIW as the architecture of choice for high- performance, low-cost DSP solutions. • An introduction to Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) Computer Architecture, Philips Semiconductors • Advanced Computer Architecture, VLIW Arhcitectures, Prof. R. Iris Bahar • Static Multiple-Issue Processors:VLIW Approach, Prof. Cristina Silvano • The EPIC architecture and a … The performance enhancements include: VLIW is an architecture designed to help software designers extract more parallelism from their software than would be possible using a traditional RISC design. Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) Architectures 55:132/22C:160 High Performance Computer Architecture ... Statically scheduled ILP architecture. Very-Long Instruction Word (VLIW) Computer Architecture ABSTRACT VLIW architectures are distinct from traditional RISC and CISC architectures implemented in current mass-market microprocessors. – Multiple functional units. This increasing performance includes sub parts like the Semi conductor technology, parallel processing, and the parallel structure inside the processors too. The VLIW Architecture: • Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) architecture is generalized from two concepts; horizontal microcoding and superscalar processing. Introduction to VLIW Architecture Paper Presentation: This Seminar Topic explains about Architectural plans of the VLIW which has a great trend of incremental performances in this generation. VLIW Architecture - VLIW Compiler. u StarCore claims it's a scalable architecture l First VLIW machine to target low-power apps u More execution units (13) than 'C62xx (8), but fewer instructions can be issued per cycle l Six for SC140 vs eight for 'C62xx StarCore SC140 MAC ALU BFU MAC ALU BFU MAC ALU BFU MAC ALU BFU BMU. • A typical VLIW machine has; – instruction words hundreds of bits in length. I made some modifications to the note for clarity. – Common large register file shared by all functional units. The VLIW style of architecture, as represented by Multiflow's and Cydrome's products [2, 3], addressed the issue of achieving high levels of ILP with reduced hardware complexity. However, these machines were specialized for numerical computing and had shortcomings with respect to scalar applications, i.e., It is an alternative to better-known superscalar architectures. • Reducing development time by half with new-generation tools designed for Our VLIW compiler has the following goals: 1. A Note on This Lecture ! 8 Basic Computer Architecture CSCE 496/896: Embedded Systems Witawas Srisa-an Review of Computer Architecture Credit: Most of the slides are made by Prof. Wayne Wolf who is the author of the textbook. These slides are partly from 18-447 Spring 2013, Computer Architecture, Lecture 20: GPUs, VLIW, DAE, Systolic Arrays

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